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A brief Overview  on Dar Al Thuraya Real Estate Company
Dar Al Thuraya Real Estate Company (K.P.S.C.) was established on May 30, 2004 as a Kuwaiti public shareholding company, according to a memorandum of association notarized with the Ministry of Justice, the company was registered in the commercial registry on June 5,  2004 as a real estate company; It was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange on August 18, 2009
The paid-up capital of the company since inception is 14,650,000 KWD. 
Dar Al Thuraya Real Estate Company has worked since its inception to develop its activities based on its mission that aims to To expand locally and regionally and achieve high profit rates, taking into account the legal aspects of its dealings with others.
Among the purposes of the company for which it was established is managing funds and real estate portfolios, managing third parties’ properties Selling and buying real estate and developing land for the benefit of the company inside and outside Kuwait, and also preparing Studies and consultancy in all real estate fields; Carry out building maintenance work And real estate owned by the company and other parties, as well as owning and managing shops residential complexes and industrial plots; Organizing and managing real estate auctions.
Company shareholders
Among the most prominent shareholders of the company, according to the shareholder register:
Al Madar Finance and Investment Company  (K.P.S.C)


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